MMxJW LIMITED EDITION - Terms and Conditions




Terms and Conditions


  • The MMxJW collaboration is strictly limited to a numbered edition of 50 pairs only


  • Once 50 pairs have sold no further purchases or orders will be possible


  • The MMxJW limited edition shoe will only be available from the time of release TUESDAY MARCH 21st 2023 until the stated end of the offer FRIDAY APRIL 21st 2023 or at such time as the final 50th pair has sold – no purchases or orders will be taken outside of this time.


  • The MMxJW limited edition styles are a ‘Made to order’ service and are therefore subject to MTO policies, which differ slightly from our regular stock and website Terms and Conditions.


  • MMxJW Limited edition orders can be placed both online and instore at any JW shop. Instore orders offer a fit test option using a similar style made on the Soulboy long board boot last (subject to size availability). However an MTO order would still need to be placed and would be subject to all T&Cs listed here. We do not hold stock of the MMxJW style in any of our shops.


  • For online orders - Once the purchase of your MMxJW Limited Edition is complete, we will contact you within 2 working days to confirm the required size. The MMxJW Limited edition boots are available in size 6 – 12 including ½ sizes.


  • No other alterations or customisation is available on the MMxJW Limited-Edition styles.


  • The MMxJW Limited edition styles will bear a numerical order of purchase 1/50, 2/50, 3/50… and so on.


  • Full payment, including the delivery fee, must be completed before the order is placed.


  • Checkout must be completed, in full, to guarantee purchase. If for any reason checkout is not completed, or the payment system red flags the transaction, the purchase will be void and the stock will not adjust. We hold no responsibility for errors made during the payment process.


  • The purchase of a MMxJW Limited-Edition shoe is final and Non-Refundable unless the shoes are found to be faulty.


  • The Limited edition numbered print is available exclusively with purchase of the MMxJW limited edition boot only. The hand embellishment of the artwork varies and will differ for each print, making each one unique in its own right.


  • The lead times from the time of purchase is 14 - 16 weeks, however we endeavour to have the shoes completed before this. External issues and strikes etc. can affect delivery times but we will contact you and keep you up to date wherever necessary.


  • In the spirit of fairness to all potential MMxJW Limited-Edition customers, outside of teaser emails and marketing content – No information or specifics will be shared, regarding any Limited-Edition style, prior to its release.





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