Dom Hemingway, Rochester Keefs and Rival Sons

A night in delight for all Jeffery-West Reprobates is the DVD release of Dom Hemingway.  Jude Law stars as the master safe cracker with a loose canon personality 

Following his release from prison after serving time to protect his boss for a job that went bad, Dom is back on the London streets wih his Partner Dickie (played by the fantastic Richard E Grant) with the urge for revenge, justice and a belief that he is a super hero, a cocktail of carnage is guaranteed.  Check out Jude's swagger in his black Rochester Keefs, which we are reliably informed by a film insider were the only footwear this character could and would wear. The two are a roguish match made in hell.  





We are also excitedly awaiting the new album "Great Western Valkyrie" from our good friends Rival Sons. Due out in June we have a sneak peak of the album cover with the boys looking wonderfully dapper or is it dangerous in their Jeffery-Wests.  In this shot definite contenders for our Rogues Gallery.     

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