Information about the VEGAN Range

The VEGAN range from our 'MUSE' diffusion collection.

100% free from Animal products.

A cemented construction made with our partner factory in Almansa, Spain.

The majority of the MUSE collection is available ONLINE ONLY 

We do not currently hold stock of this collection in any Jeffery-West store.


Description and Specifications of our Vegan shoes:


Our 'Micro-Leather' & 'Micro-Suede' Uppers are made from a high quality microfibre - Water resistant, breathable, antibacterial and ecological - the materials are produced to mimic the characteristics of traditional cow leather as closely as is currently possible.


The linings are made from 'Techno-Suede' - 100 PES, Foam padded for extra comfort. Water resistant, breathable and antibacterial, the Techno-Suede offers maximum elasticity and is highly suited to shoe linings.


The insock is made from 100% Microfibre with a leather feel, and a capacity to absorb up to 8 times its weight in water - Abrasion resistant, antibacterial, antiallergen.


Latex padded Fibreboard insoles,  Fully recycled outsoles and TPU Heels and top pieces.

Shoes and Boots

Shoes and Boots

We are very proud to manufacture our designs with the creative artisans of England, Italy, and Spain. Since Jeffery-West's 1987 inception we have built up an amazing rapport with our factories in all three countries. Each one having a distinct hand to their craftmanship, which depicts the designs we choose to make in which country.

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Unique, individual men's accessories, ranging from silver topped canes to leather suit carriers. 



Distinctive Jeffery-West apparel, including belts, socks, silk scarves.  



Cufflinks, lapel pins, tie slides and more.


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