JEFFERY-WEST Manchester Stores 1st Birthday!

Posted on: 16 - Jan - 2012

WHLN joined us in our Manchester store to help us celebrate it's 1st birthday.

"Their shop in Barton Arcade, a small but perfectly formed little boutique, decked out in red velvet curtains, spongy carpet and some great original art works, is a surprisingly laid back affair. Expecting my usual wave of inferiority complex coupled with a sense of not belonging, I found myself relaxed and able to talk frankly with the very knowledgeable and personable staff. Their super-sharp dress and, of course, fine footwear are certainly not indicators of their attitude towards scruffy civilians such as I. Before long, I was picking through the shoes and accessories with near abandon, trying on different styles and testing out the odd cobra-head cane for size."

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