The 'Colony' Apron Front Tassel Loafer

Style Number: THE COLONY

Colour: Navy Suede/ Weave Leather

Last: The 'Colony' Apron Front Tassel Loafer

The Colony slip on Loafer with hand stitched Tassels, woven calf leather thonging, nickel eyelets, contrast red stitching details and with our 'Nightclubbing' laser cut Sole..



The Colony Room- 1948-2008.

Dean Street, Soho, London.

The infamous Soho drinking den opened by the formidable Muriel Belcher. Frequented by icons such as Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, David Bowie, Damien Hurst, Jeffrey Bernard to name a few.

This insitution should have been saved for the nation, instead it's now a rented flat.



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